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  • 28 Mar 2022

Common excuses for not having a website

In January 2022, the internet was used by 4.95 billion people worldwide, accounting for 62.5 percent of the global population. Every business wants a slew of new customers, but they use old or traditional marketing methods, ignoring the benefits of a business's online presence.

The internet has a far greater reach than any other form of advertising. Web development will serve as the focal point of the company's online presence. And good business owner understands the value of having a web presence. 

But it's surprising to think that many organizations today, particularly small businesses, still choose not to invest some time and resources in developing their website. When asked why they do not need a website, they usually have an excuse ready.

a."I own a small business." or "I run a local business"

When it comes to gaining customers, many small-business owners stick to the tried-and-true method of word-of-mouth.

Small business owners are simply afraid of technology and are unaware of how simple or easy it can be. Consider how many opportunities small businesses are missing out on by ignoring the online platform! Hundreds, if not thousands, of them. A properly designed ecommerce website is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and works even when you are sleeping. It can take the work out of engaging with your target audience, which can help you gain quality leads and result in significant growth.

b."In my industry, I don't need a website"

Perfect! Because there will be less competition for visitors to land on your page. 

Sixty-two percent of internet users worldwide conduct product and service research before making a purchase.

You'll never know if you have a one-of-a-kind product or service that no one else does unless you put yourself out there and build an online presence that appears in search results!

c."My financial resources are extremely limited"

Many newcomers to internet marketing believe that website design and development cost thousands of dollars. This is completely false. A website does not have to cost thousands of dollars to create. A serious budget is required for a professional presence on the internet, but don't let that deter you. Even a low-budget basic website can help you generate more business than not having one at all.

d."I already have a large enough clientele"

You definitely may have a good number of customers right now, but what happens when they discover a competing business that promises more or better tomorrow? You never know what missed opportunities your potential customers discovered elsewhere. Half of all mobile internet searches are done in the hope of finding local results. Over 61 percent of those searches result in a sale. If your customers can't find you and can only find your competitors, they may stop being your customers.

e.I'm not a big fan of technology"

If you are not technologically savvy and do not use the internet, this does not imply that your customers are the same. Not having an eCommerce website is equivalent to sending your customers to your competitors and assisting them in gaining more business. You don't have to know how to build a website to have one for your business; you can easily hire a professional to do that for you. Furthermore, they will manage your website in the long run.

f."I don't have the time to build a website, Right now"

When running a business, you must focus on many other aspects that may be more important than having a business website. It is the same for all business owners. One of the most common excuses for not having a website for your business is a lack of time.

You must accept that if you have time to chat on Facebook, read the newspaper, and watch a movie on Netflix? Then you'll have plenty of time to manage website maintenance. If you're too busy, you can hire a professional and let them take the lead. You will, however, need to commit some time in the early stages to explain your requirements to the professional who will be working on your website.

g."I'm already active on social media"

Even if you have hundreds or thousands of loyal social media followers, they are unlikely to become paying customers unless you have a website that can provide them with more information about what you do and capture their contact information for retargeting.

When you have an eCommerce website, social media marketing works extremely well. It will assist you in capturing leads, providing more information about your company and products, and converting them into customers.

Why a Business Need a Website

You can market your business online if you have a website and an online presence strategy. A website is also important because it aids in the establishment of a company's credibility. People nowadays are both busy and intelligent. They don't have time to go shopping. They research a product or service on the internet before purchasing it. They can learn about the brand, features, price, size, and color by visiting your website.

Here are some of the reasons why your business needs an eCommerce website:

 a.24/7 Operation Available 

A website makes your target audience available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even after you and your team have left for the day, your website continues to work hard to bring more customers to your business.

With a website, you give customers a place to see what your brand is all about and learn more about your products and services at any time of day or night. Customers can even make purchases around the clock if you make your products available for sale on your website. By making it simple for customers to browse and purchase your products online, you make it as easy as possible for leads to convert to customers.

b.Improve a company's credibility

Brands must also consider the value of a website in terms of building credibility. Businesses without a website are perceived as less credible in today's digital marketplace. The reason for this is that most businesses have a website, so those that don't may appear to have something to hide.

c.Websites Improve Customer Service

An effective website will provide your customers with all of the information they require. As a result, there's no need for them to call about the location, hours of operation, or other simple inquiries. A website improves the overall customer experience by assisting customers.

d.A website can help you outperform the competition

Even if your company is small, an effective website allows you to compete with the big names in your industry. It is possible to outrank larger websites and get quality leads organically from search engines if you play your cards correctly and properly optimize your website.

In today's digital world, not having a website for your business is not an option; it is a requirement. It is correctly stated, "if your business cannot be found online, it simply means your business does not exist." 

Your website will grow in tandem with your company. It's time to call in the experts if you need assistance designing an appealing website that is search engine optimized and easy to navigate. Digittrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd's web design team offers website design and development services to help brands like yours reach new audiences online. Contact us today to learn more about our web design services or the value of having a website.


Written by Vandana Abrol
An enthusiastic developer and skilled business management expert with over a decade of experience in the field

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