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The total value of the e-learning industry in 2019 was a little under $200 billion. With that, the online education industry is seen to be the greatest contributor of all times. With the pandemic in play, the market for mobile e-learning is now valued at $19.5 billion, where the learning model via platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have an estimated value of $18 billion with their educational app development services.

Perhaps the essential aim of education in this setting is to encourage the idea of learning as well as teaching from anywhere, anytime, at any given instance. Digittrix being a part of the development industry that thrives on the idea of mobility, values this thought process more than anything. Thus, when working on educational applications, we pour all our efforts into them.

About the Online Education Industry

The fundamental goal of online education is to assist students in pursuing higher education regardless of their location. Low expenses, without any need to travel, self-paced courses, and schedule flexibility are all advantages of online learning. Traditional goals are no longer sufficient to address the present issues or those that may arise soon, like the current pandemic.

The rising benefits of e-learning are driving the education sector. Other variables, such as the growing use of web-enabled gadgets, are anticipated to propel the online education industry to greater heights.

Hire Digittrix, a Leading Education Mobile App Development Company for the Following Benefits:

  • Attractive UI & UX templates designed keeping color psychology in mind.
  • Instant messaging feature for ease of communication between students and teachers
  • Student and teacher optimized gateways. Teachers will access the apps as facilitators and students will access it as receivers. This helps in distinguishing work and respecting privacy.
  • Special identification card-like features of optimizing profiles for students.

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