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A platform that provides the best possible care for pets by constantly monitoring their health and keeping them in the best possible condition

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The goal is to develop a platform that provides the best possible care for our pets by monitoring their health and keeping them in the best possible condition at all times.

Because everyone nowadays has a smartphone, why not create a digital platform for pet owners to make their lives easier?


The Pet Care mobile app is designed for pet owners who want to ensure that they can care for their pets while they are away from home. They can always keep track of their pet's activity, health, vet appointments, and daily routine reminders.

They can look for and contact veterinarians in their area. Find a pet sitter or dog walker to look after your pet while you are away, and look for the best dog stores nearby.

They can also search for pets that are available for mating with their own pet and communicate with their owners from the convenience of their mobile devices.


At this point, the goal was to conduct extensive research on the target audience. This research provided us with insight into user needs and problems. This research gave us a clear picture of what the user wants and whether or not what we're designing and developing is relevant to the user.


After delving into the minds of our target audience, we discovered that pet lovers sometimes find difficulty in the following:

  • a. Finding a pet sitter or dog walker to take care of the pet when I'm away
  • b. Finding a mating partner for the pets
  • c. Tracking and monitoring their health conditions & symptoms of any illness
  • d. Arranging a trustworthy stay for my pet before I leave on vacation
  • e. Finding stores that sell high-quality pet supplies
  • f. It is difficult to find my Pet if they go missing
  • g. Flexibility in scheduling appointments with a dog groomer
  • h. Connecting with other pet owners or the community so that I can easily contact them in the event of a new adoption, an emergency, or to ask any pet-related questions.

Our Target Audience:

Our app is perfect for anyone who wants to adopt a pet or care for their pets easily and conveniently from their mobile device.


We have come up with a few solutions to help pet lovers with their problems. Our solutions are as follows:

We created a pet care app that attempts to address all of the issues.

  • a. Easy appointment booking with pet care professionals to pamper your pet on demand
  • b. Allows users to connect with other animal lovers and make new friends with similar interests.
  • c. Easy to find a pet sitter or dog walker when you are away
  • d. Fitness trackers to monitor their health conditions and symptoms of any illness
  • e. Simple to book stays in certified catteries or kennels before you go on vacation
  • f. Pet Tracking devices that could help locate your best buddy if they go missing
  • g. Help you find nearby pet supply stores that have great deals, saving you money and time.
  • h. Easy to find a mating partner for the pets.


1. Planning:

We had a clear vision for what we wanted to create, so we planned our strategy and took it further. Our aim was not only to make a multi-featured app but also to make it easy to use.

2. Prototyping:

We started with low-fidelity sketches that gave us a basic outline of the app. This phase is ideal for making changes because it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to making changes in later stages of development. We also took feedback from the target audience and evaluated it critically.

3. Design

We refined the best wireframes at this point and then attempted to create designs that piqued the user's interest. Second, the designer's goal is to ensure visual consistency throughout the project so that we can turn it into a functional app.

4. Development

We started with the backend of your pet care app. Following that, we worked on the API(s) that will be included in the app. These APIs will be in charge of linking the mobile app and the backend.

Finally, we completed the app's front end. This section will be in charge of recording all interactions between users and the pet care app.

At this stage, we ensured that the app passed all of the tests: user testing, functional testing, performance testing, and finally security testing to ensure that our pet care app is secure and reliable.

5. Release :

This is the stage at which we submit our app to the App Store or Play Store for approval so that it can be made available to the public.

6. Maintenance:

Maintenance is where we can monitor the app's status, squash any bugs that come up, and ensure the app keeps running smoothly. Updating apps to support new OS versions or devices is also part of maintenance.

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Technology Used:

Application Framework Programming Database
Website Laravel PHP MySQL
Android React Native Javascript, XML MySQL
IOS React Native Javascript, XML MySQL

IOS App Development

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Third-party APIs

Payment Gateway (Razor Pay/ Google Pay)
Communication API (Agora / Twillo)
Sms & mail gateway
Google API


Teamim1 Business analyst
Teamim2 Graphic designer
Teamim3 Project manager
Teamim4 Website designer
Teamim5 Web and API backend developer
Teamim6 Android app developer
Teamim7 IOS app developer
Teamim8Quality analyst

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